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Duldulao Kendrick E MD at 14495 University Cove Place in Tampa, Florida

Duldulao Kendrick E MD is healthcare, which located in Florida. They address is 14495 University Cove Place.
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Phone: +1 813-979-1780


14495 University Cove Place,
Tampa, Florida
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Customer Reviews about Duldulao Kendrick E MD

  • Dr. D is the *BEST* PAIN Doc!!! In my 21+ experience it is very rare for someone to actually care about the pain that someone is experiencing. But, he does. He is caring, intelligent, honest, and tells it like it is. Unfortunately, due to his office getting raided on October 4th, 2017 they've cut their patient payload to half. And even though I refused to testify against him, they've still cut me. By saying that I am 'Non-Compliant". Which is bulls#!+!!!! I have NEVER been Non-Compliant in the 21+ years that I have been ill!!! And, it takes their staff over 6 MONTHS to get approval for both of my knees to get an MRI with and without contrast!!!! It took my orthopedic surgeon's staff less than 15 minutes to do the same thing!!! You are now on notice, Rehab Health Centers of Florida: If it turns out that the growth that an ER doctor found on an X-Ray is cancer, and if it can be proven that if I would've gotten the MRI back in March, as Dr. Duldulao wanted to happen, that my chances of full remission would have been much higher, then I am going to have a conversation with a VERY GOOD and expensive lawyer to advise me in a possible case. And, if I need amputation surgery... Let's just say that the DEA will be the LEAST of your concerns!!! My lawyers (car accident law firm) are already pissed at how long it has taken the staff to handle the insurance part of their jobs. And, what's so sad about this whole situation, is that Dr. Duldulao is a WONDERFUL doctor. He just has crappy staff... Especially his office manager, Chris. He is the most unprofessional person I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with!!! Example: About a year ago I found out that I was being overcharged for my co-pay. I brought it to the attention of the receptionist and it took over 3 months to get a refund. And I literally had to fight for every penny. And because I have a Medicare Advantage Plan, it was a form of Medicare fraud. I had overlooked it at the time. But, I am sure that there are others who see him out-of-network on a PPO Plan, and are now/or have been until the raid being overcharged WAY to much for their visits. And the way my particular plan works is that I pay 40% of what Medicare Part B pays. Instead, I was being charged 40% of what CASH paying customers pay, and they were STILL filing my insurance!!! Well, Chris called me a "Money hungry drug addict"!!!! Thank goodness that I ALWAYS kept my appointment cards!!! Because, sometimes I would show up for an appointment and Chris would try to tell me that my appointment was yesterday or 3 days ago. And to be seen, I would have to pay the no call/NO show fee. Thankfully, I always had my appointment card!!! So, I was able to prove to him that my appointment was for right now...! I feel pity for what Dr. Duldulao is going through. His staff may not be up to par, but he was one of the best doctor's I have ever had the privilege to see. And, I often tried to make peace with Chris. By buying the whole office coffee and donuts for the WHOLE OFFICE!!! I also did it because I considered the whole office as family. Even Chris. But, still he looked down at me as if I were less than a bug. And he treated me as such as well. Go for the excellent care by a WONDERFUL doctor and ignore the staff (Especially Chris!!!) And you'll be just fine. Just, make sure that you have your appointment card!!!
    August 26, 2017
    by Lisa Howard
  • This post is by karen nation not Rich, but I have been seeing Dr D for about 4 years now and he has helped me tremendously. i had some reservations about pain management in the beginning, but i am so glad I went to see him. He is a very caring man, his staff is wonderful. He has helped turn my life around, I was living in pain and depression from the pain and he has helped me get it under control and start living again!
    June 15, 2017
    by Rich Nation
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Duldulao Kendrick E MD is located at 14495 University Cove Place, Tampa, Florida.